John Wilfred Heaton

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John Wilfred Heaton

John Wilfred

John Wlifred Heaton

1918 - 2000

" Wilfred Heaton was a distinguished composer of immense importance during his lifetime. He was undoubtedly one of the most original compositional voices to emerge in the creation of new repertoire for brass bands after the Second World War. His music is widely published and is performed internationally and he is generally acknowledged to be one of the leading composers of brass band music."

Professor Edward Gregson - Principal - Royal Northern College of Music  Manchester

"Wilfred Heaton's contribution to brass band literature is of immense value and importance to the study of composition for the medium. He is being increasingly recognised as one of the most original voices in band music of the 20th Century, following the lineage of Elgar, Holst and Ireland as writers of significant works for the contest arena."

 Doctor Peter Graham -  Head of Media Music and Performance- Salford University