The Wilfred Heaton Trust

Soon after the death of Wilfred Heaton in May 2000 the seemingly awesome and daunting task of  sorting through his many files of manuscript music quickly turned to extreme excitement as more and more new discoveries emerged. Some had lain finished but unpublished for up to half a century whilst other newer works apart from one or two exceptions were fully sketched but only partly scored. After consulting with a number of close friends and professional admirers of Wilfred and his music his son in law Bryan Stobart decided to set up the Wilfred Heaton Trust with a view to ensuring that the new discoveries were realised -  published and exploited for wider use where considered appropriate by the trustees together with all existing compositions already in the public domain.

Objectives of the Trust

To promote -  improve -   develop and maintain public appreciation and education of the art and science of music relating to the late composer Wilfred Heaton in all its aspects by the presentation of his music in public concerts, broadcasts and recordings and by the publication and promotion of his works generally and such other purposes which would be exclusively charitable which the trustees may from time to time decide.


Bryan Stobart -
Bryan is Wilfred Heaton's son in law - Founder and Chairman of the Trust. He is a life long Salvationist and currently worships at the Nottingham William Booth Memorial Halls. Now retired, Bryan's focus remain on achieving all the key objectives of the Trust whilst still maintaining his other wide ranging interests.

Trevor Caffull -
Trevor is a lifelong Salvationist and presently worships at the Kettering Citadel corps. He joined the ISB in 1989 and served on the bass section for more than 16 years. In 2003 Trevor was appointed MD of Salvationist Publishing & Supplies having successfully launched a number of innovative initiatives including The World of Brass subsidiary in 2002 whilst Sales & Marketing Manager. The music of Wilfred Heaton had a significant impact on him from an early age, in particular Victory for Me and the choral work Intercede O Lord.

Michael Langham -
Michael has been involved with brass banding for almost all of his life in the Salvation Army and he was principal cornet with the Nottingham William Booth Memorial Halls Band for over 40 years. Being a close family friend and a lifetime admirer of Heaton's music, it not surprising that Wilfred was persuaded to write the cornet solo "Annie Laurie" for him following a visit to Nottingham in 1996.

Paul Hindmarsh -
Paul is an acknowledged authority on British music of the past 100 years and has many publications to his credit. He founded the Brass Band Heritage Trust in 1995. He is active as an editor, arranger, adjudicator and producer of brass band music. Paul retired as a Trustee in 2012 having established his own professional and publishing website. From 2013, PHM Publishing assumed responsibility for the sales of Wilfred Heaton Edition Music on behalf of the Trust. Paul retains his involvement as a consultant