The Wilfred Heaton Trust

CD Recordings - The Wifred Heaton Collection

From the outset, it has been a key objective of the Trust to record onto CD all of Wilfred's known works, both brass band compositions - some with orchestral beginnings - and his choral works. By the end of 2017 CDs #1 - #5 had been released, and it is appropriate that during 2018 - Wilfred's Centenary Year - CD #6 will be recorded and released to complete the task.
Details of each CD are shown below -

CDs # 1 and #2 Boxed Set
CD # 1 The International Staff Band
 1. The Golden PenWilfred Heaton Trust
 2. Just as I amSP&S Ltd
 3. Wonderful Words
featuring Roger Webster & Rob Gill
SP&S Ltd
 4. My Treasure SP&S Ltd
 5. Glory! Glory!Wilfred Heaton Trust
 6. Celestial ProspectSP&S Ltd
 7. MartynSP&S Ltd
 8. PraiseSP&S Ltd
 9. My Master's WillSP&S Ltd
 10. Mercy's LightSP&S Ltd
 11. Toccata, Oh The Blessed LordSP&S Ltd
CD # 2 Black Dyke Band
 1. Le Tricot RougeWilfred Heaton Trust
 2-4 Contest MusicBoosey & Hawkes Music Publishing
 2. Allegro
3. Molto Adagio
4. Vivo
 5. The Children's Friend
(In Memoriam)
The Wilfred Heaton Trust
 6. Victory For MeSP&S Ltd
 7. Passing BySP&S Ltd
 8-11. PartitaThe Wilfred Heaton Trust
 8. Prelude
9. Scherzo
10. Canzona
11. Rondo
CD #3 Black Dyke Band / The International Staff Band
Tracks 1 - 6 Black Dyke Band
Tracks 7 - 11 The International Staff Band
 1-5. Five Little PiecesWilfred Heaton Trust
 1. i. Grave - Prestissimo
2. ii. Con Energico
3. iii. Cantabile
4. iv. Giocoso ma deliberamente
5. v. Presto
 6. Trombone Concerto
Trombone Soloist Brett Baker
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 7. FrenchWilfred Heaton Trust
 8. Annie Laurie
Cornet Soloist Kevin Ashman
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 9-11. Beulah LandWilfred Heaton Trust
 9. i. Better World
10. ii. Heavenly Home
11. iii. Happy Land
CD #4 Black Dyke Band
 1. Sinfonia Centertante for Cornet and Band
Cornet Soloist Martin Winter
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 2. Music for Brass Sextet
(Tocatta - Oh The Blessed Lord)
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 3 - 15. Variations(Realised by Howard Snell) Wilfred Heaton Trust
3. Theme
4. variation 1
5. variation 2
6. variation 3
7. variation 4
8. variation 5
9. variation 6
10. variation 7
11. variation 8
12. variation 9
13. variation 10
14. variation 11
15. variation 12
Molto Adagio
Tempo primo
Lavoce popolare I - Marche Militaire
Lavoce popolare II - Cantelina
Lavoce popolare III - Galop
Threnody for Charlotte Anne Stobart
Adagio - Allegro
CD #5 Choral Collection - The Heaton Chorus
 1. Our Glorious KingWalter H. Windybank/Wilfred Heaton arr. Holz
 2. A City PrayerKenneth Tout/Wilfred Heaton
 3. With Empty Hands*
Soprano Soloist Hazel Launn
Albert E. Mingay/Wilfred Heaton
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 4. Eternal Decision*Kenneth Tout/Wilfred Heaton
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 5. On The Road*
Tenor Soloist Bobby Irvine
Albert E. Mingay/Wilfred Heaton
 6. Intercede, O LordKenneth Tout/Wilfred Heaton
 7. Safe in the Promiosed Land*
Male voices
Tenor Solo Bobby Irvine
Bass Solo Richard McIntosh
Anon./Wilfred Heaton
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 8 - 10. Three Hyms*Wilfred Heaton Trust
 i. Hym 1John Bunyan/Wilfred Heaton
 ii. Hym 2John Bunyan/Wilfred Heaton
 iii. Hym 3Henry W. Longfellow/Wilfred Heaton
 11. Glory to His Name!
Soprano Soloist Hazel Launn
Elisha A. Hoffman/Wilfred Heaton
 12. Marred for Me*
Male voices
Albert E. Mingay/Wilfred Heaton
 13. The Army's Marching Song*May Bennett/Wilfred Heaton
 14. Welcome for Me*
Tenor Soloist Bobby Irvine
Fanny Crosby/Wilfred Heaton
 15.Babe Born This Day*Kenneth Tout/Wilfred Heaton adpt. Hindmarsh
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 16. My Jesus I Love Thee*
Soprano Soloist Hazel Launn
William R. Featherstone/Wilfred Heaton
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 17. Loved with Everlasting Love*George W. Robinson/Wilfred Heaton
adpt. Twitchen/Hindmarsh
* = Premiere Recording
CD #6 Black Dyke Band
 1. March - Full SalvationWilfred Heaton Trust
 2. ScherzoWilfred Heaton Trust
 3. Meditation - Aberystwyth
(The Healing Stream)
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 4 - 8. Little Suite for Cornet and Band
Soloist Richard Marshall
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 9. Prelude on French
(alternative quiet ending)
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 10 - 13 Suite - Pilgrim's Song
Incidental music from The Pilgrim's Progress
for Narrator (Barry Nutter)
Brass Ensemble and Band
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 14. LentoWilfred Heaton Trust
 15. Sweet Hour of Prayer
for Trombone and Band
Soloist Brett Baker
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 16. Ballet Music No. 2 - Rosamunde (Schubert)
for Brass Ensemble
Wilfred Heaton Trust
 17. Dance of the Tumblers (Rimsky Korsakov)
arranged for Black Dyke
Wilfred Heaton Trust